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Top Shelf ($18/Gram--$30/Eighth--$100/Half-Ounce--$175/Ounce)

Thelonius Skunk (Sativa)

Kush Rise (Hybrid)

Grand Daddy Purps (Indica)

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

GG#4 (Hybrid)

Sage (Sativa)

Chemdawg 4 (Hybrid)

House Shelf ($15/Gram--$25/Eighth--$80/Half-Ounce--$150/Ounce)

Pure Moods (Indica)

Big Holy Nina (Sativa)

Blueberry Headband (Hybrid)

Cinderella 99 (Sativa)

Al's Dream (Sativa)

$10 Gram

Harlequin (CBD)

Critical Skunk (Hybrid)

Chupacabra (Sativa)

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Leafs by Snoop


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Highly Edible CBD Gummies


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Mile High Sucker 10mg


Mary's Medicinals Cream - CBC


Julie and Kate's Granola / Nutty Bites 100mg


Keef Cola 10mg


Sweet Grass Kitchen Cookies 100mg


Sweet Grass Kitchen Cookie 10mg


Mary's Medicinals Patch Single


Mary's Medicinals Pen - CBD or CBN


Mary's Medicinals Pills - CBD


Mary's Medicinals Pills - CBN


Sweet Grass Kitchen Butter Mints 100mg


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Stillwater Ripple 1:1 CBD


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Stillwater Tea Mint 2.5mg


Stillwater White Water 100mg


Stratos CBD 1:1 90mg


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Stratos Sleep 100mg


The Growing Kitchen Chill Pills


Sweet Grass Cookies 100mg


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Sweet Grass Truffle Brownie 30mg


Stratos Energy 100mg


Wana 1:1 / CBD Capsules


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Zoot Blondie Bite


Zoot Brownie


Zoot Kooki 6 pack


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Blue Kudu Chocolate 100mg


Canyon Cultivation Sucker 10mg


Canyon Cultivation Coffee 10mg


Canyon Cultivation Hard Candy 100mg


CODA Chocolate Bars


CODA Truffles


1906 1:1 High Love


1906 Coffee Bean 100mg


1906 Coffee Bean 20mg


Apothecanna 2oz Spray


Boulder Sweet Grass Tincture CBD 1:1


Boulder Sweet Grass Tincture CBD 2:1


Boulder Sweet Grass Tincture Creature Comfort


Boulder Sweet Grass Tincture THC 100mg


Binske Fruit Leather


Clementine Kush #1 bx - Seeds


Clementine Kush - Seeds


Bootlegger - Seeds


Chupacabra - Seeds


Chemodo Dragon #9 bx - Seeds


Chemodo Dragon - Seeds


Aloha Limon - Seeds


Doobie Bird Daydream - Seeds


Ghost Ship - Seeds


Hercules #3 bx - Seeds


Hercules - Seeds


Grilled Cheese - Seeds


Hibiscus Sunrise - Seeds


Guptilla - Seeds


Krishna Kush - Seeds


Iron Triangle - Seeds


Pachamama #4 - Seeds


Night Nurse - Seeds


Sunburn - Seeds


Tangcicle - Seeds


Slazerbeam - Seeds


Apothecanna 8oz Cream


Mary Jane's 2oz Salve


Mary Jane's 4oz Salve


Apothecanna 2oz Cream


Thelonius Skunk (Sativa)

Kush Rise (Hybrid)

Grand Daddy Purps (Indica)

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

GG#4 (Hybrid)

Sage (Sativa)

Chemdawg 4 (Hybrid)

Pure Moods (Indica)

Big Holy Nina (Sativa)

Blueberry Headband (Hybrid)

Cinderella 99 (Sativa)

Al's Dream (Sativa)

Harlequin (CBD)

Critical Skunk (Hybrid)

Chupacabra (Sativa)

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The Pure and Rosin Tech by DrX Colorado

Helping Hands Recreational Dispensary in Boulder is now carrying DrX marijuana concentrates including The Pure, Rosin Tech and IceWax. They make an excellent addition to our already excellent selection of shatter, wax, hash, and oils from the biggest names in the business like LiveResin, Happy Camper, Ebbu and more.

Gupta Kush Release

Helping Hands Herbals is the original and only home of Gupta Kush, and we have received and continue to welcome press and media inquiries from around the world.

Recreational Cannabis Seeds Now Available in Boulder

After being prohibited for many long months by Boulder regulators, Recreational Marijuana Seeds may now be sold in Rec Dispensaries – and Helping Hands is back in full swing.

Denver 420 Tours – Boulder Dispensary Review

We’d like to give a big shout-out to the fine folks at Denver Party Bus and Denver 420 Tours who just wrote up an outstanding review for Helping Hands Dispensary. Plus they list their favorite shops in Denver if your trip takes you there!
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What do you get when you cross AK-47(the "One Hit Wonder") with Rugburn OG? 

You get really high, that's what.

This is a fun mix and match strain from the Helping Hands Herbals grow op in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

By the sound of the name, you'd expect that AK-47 would knock your socks off, but in fact it's a great, easy, relaxing, high THC hybrid strain that's a favorite of neurotics everywhere. With it's kicked-back but clear effects, AK is a great way to enjoy some relax time without being sedated.

Rugburn OG is an extremely sour/fuely pungent strain, that has a potent, uppity high. Combining this with AK is an experiment is how hybrids can make an entirely new experience using two well known mmj strains. Enjoy!

Al's Dream

Al's Dream is a delicious sativa hybrid from Station Seeds.

Uplifting, psychedelic with an intense astringent blue flavor and a bright citrus, almost tangeriney fragrance.

A gorgeous flower with bright orange hairs and dense buds. A great strain for shows, hiking, social settings, watching animation - that kind of thing! Not to be wasted on a couch. Go and play!

A staff and customer favorite!

Big Dream

Big Dream is a really sweet indica-leaning hybrid cross of our proprietary Hawaiian x Blue Dream that very quickly became a favorite of the Helping Hands staff and patients.

And just like with people, you can see the genetics of both parents very clearly - and the results are bright beautiful nugs that look unassuming but carry the most perfect punch that any smoker can love.

This is one of those hybrids that can act like a bit of a chamelion - working off your energy and either taking you a little bit up if you're up or down if you're down (in a relaxing way), but more than likely it will give you a really sweet homeostatic, deeply relaxing buzz.

You'll be blessed with a beautiful, warm, light body high and an excellent cerebral high that relaxes the mind but doesn't muddy the waters so much that you can't keep working. But, you may enjoy the buzz so much you'll decide to kick back and enjoy the day. And in higher doses Big Dream will really lay the groundwork for an excellent nights sleep.

Nugs are a beautiful, bright "limey" green color intertwined with deep dark purple patches, and delicious fragrance that is aromatherapy at its finest.

Big Wreck

Big Wreck strain by Helping Hands is a cross between Big Bud and Trainwreck Skunk #1. 

It's a 55/45% Indica/Sativa hybrid, excellent for unwinding and relaxing, while being uplifting and creativity inducing.

You won't feel knocked out, but open and mellow. But smoke too much, and you'll feel totally baked and then hungry. A classic stoner weed.

Blue Cane

We love Hawaiian strains. In fact, the genetics for many of our original strains came from the sunny slopes of the Big Island. 

If you're unfamiliar with Hawaiians, here's the scoop: They make you feel open, bright and positive and crossing most strains with a Hawaiian adds a line of placidity. Picture watching a sunset on the coast of Kona. While puffing. A really nice sense of wellbeing.

Well, with Blue Cane, we've crossed our Hawaiian with everyone's favorite Blue Dream, bringing both strains into a bright, functional, relaxing but heady buzz that's perfect for chilling hard in Springtime. You'll want to go for a hike, but then probably wind up sitting under a shady tree and watching clouds or catching some lovely zzzzs.

Bright green, almost lime colored nugs with a super tasty fragrance. Piney, fruity, delicious.

Blue Dream

One of our biggest selling strains, Blue Dream is a superior Sativa strain with a beautiful color and strong fruity, skunky flavor. 

It’s effects are powerful, with the more mentally-stimulating qualities consistent with Sativa strains, coupled with a strong indica-like body buzz - minus the sedative effects typical of many Indicas.

80% Sativa. Blueberry x Haze.

Blue Hawaii

Our Blue Hawaiian strain is a potent cross between Blue Dream and our proprietary Helping Hands Hawaiian. 

While Sativa Dominant, Blue Hawaiian can really knock your socks off, giving you an early onset of euphoria followed by heady, thick, almost sedating high, similar to our Blue Back Indica.

Great if you've got the day to relax and get some quiet time or to enjoy movies or a nap. Though all strains work differently for all users, Blue Hawaii is best for those wishing to forget the day, such as on a Monday.

Blue Trane

Named after our favorite Jazz genius, John Coltraine, Blue Trane is a pure, psychedelic Indica-leaning hybrid.

It's a boutique strain that creates a relaxing, creative, colorful kick-back buzz, for a pain-free evening after work. Beautiful and mellow. A perfect hybrid.

A staff favorite, but rare!

Blueberry Muffins

You know how people bring Costco muffins to meetings and pretend that everyone in the room hasn't had the same muffins about 800 times?
Well we can promise no one has brought these Blueberry Muffins to the party before.

That's because our Blueberry Muffins are made from a cross of marijuana strains Afghani x Blueberry which bakes up into light and fluffy daytime Indica nuggets. It has a fragrance and taste just like blueberry muffins. (If you can't "taste" your weed, you may want to try vaporizing. It's a connoisseur way to get the full bouquet of nuance and flavor since there's no burning or butane. You'll be amazed.)

Muffins is a fantastic "light" indica that gently calms the nerves and the busy mind without being thick or sedating or couch-locky, and you can deal with reality on more manageable, smiley, oven fresh terms. Very sweet and relaxing. If you've been shopping with Helping Hands Herbals for a long time, you may recognize this strain as Afi Blue!

Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum - a beautiful hybrid strain that smells and tastes just like. . . Bubble Gum!

Crack open the weed jar or pinch a nug and prepare to be hit by a seriously sweet scent of sugary gum. But don't stop there. Take a few puffs and enjoy the fact that the sweet tastes translates over to the smoking process too!

Bubble Gum is a true hybrid in the sense that some people love and enjoy it for indica-style relaxation and pain relief, while others find it to be upbeat and engaging while still being relaxing to body and mind.

The word is that BG started in the American Midwest and then made its way over to Amsterdam where it became a Cannabis Cup placing strain. Genetics are rumoured to be "Indiana Bubblegum" crossed with a mystery indica.

Regardless of how it came into being, just know that there's a reason this strain has traveled the world for the last 20 years, winning fans who appreciate a great, full-fledged buzz that's good for what ails ya!

Cheese Quake

Cheese Quake is a brilliant hybrid cross of Cheese x Urkle x Space Queen.

Roughly a sativa/indica ratio of 40/60. 

Tasty, with hints of sour grapes, cheese and fruit, and a classic indica-leaning hybrid high consisting of a quick head buzz followed by a thick body high designed to satisfy even the most achy bones.

Now available at Helping Hands dispensary in Boulder!


Helping Hands' Chernobyl sativa-dominant weed just might be one of our "prettiest" plants, incredibly dense with trichomes and a beautiful bright scent. It also happens to be one of High Times Magazine's top ten strains for 2010! A Boulder Farm-fresh way to medicate!

Chernobyl was originally bred by TGA Seeds as a cross of Train Wreck x Jack the Ripper x Trinity. The taste is fruity, limey and smooth, and the effects are fast and known as good remedies for pain, anxiety, depression, stress, low appetite and fatigue. 

On the "recreational" side, it's known to spark creativity, industry and generally a positive, active vibe.

The nugs are small but beautiful, with a limey-green and purple color. Chernobyl is a dispensary staff favorite.

Clementine Kush

Clementine Kush has been reborn as a potent cross of two of our most popular strains: Tangerine Sunrise x Sanjay Gupta Kush.

Tangerine was ranked one of the top ten best marijuana strains in Colorado for 2014 by none other than William Breathes from Westword Magazine - a man who knows his stuff. It's a bright, functional, uplifting sativa that tastes like you've just inhaled an orange blosson.

Gupta is our most famous Indica, known for it's deep healing body buzz, yet with a pensive, expansive mind buzz that's not couch-locky or cloud-inducing.

Our breeders are always working with these two strains and the phenos have been outstanding and every one that hits the stores at our dispensaries has been a hit. We sell Clem Kush seeds so you can grow two of Colorado's strains together, at home, and enjoy one of our customer's top favorite buds.

From the Grow: The Tang mother brings her amazing citrus notes and mellow Hawaiian vibes to the table, complementing the strength and earthy musk of the paternal line. The variation in phenotypes has been massively reduced by using the inbred Gupta Kush male in place of the GogBurn.  Stinky, citrusy flowers on rigid stems make this a true growers delight.  8-9 weeks on the finish.

Clubber Lang

If you're a fan of our Chernobyl strain, then you'll find our Clubber Lang to be a similar but altogether intensified experience.

Blissful sativa awakening high that's coveted by creatives, artists and athletes - those who want to function yet crave that expansive and dynamic high that takes the day in a new directions.

Colorado Amendment 64

Introducing Colorado Amendment 64 Marijuana Strain by Helping Hands Herbals Dispensary in Boulder! 

To honor the amazing changes taking place in the American cannabis world, we've named one of our amazing new strains after the very amendment to the Colorado Constitution that legalized pot our beatiful state! 

Legal marijuana is a dream for many and is nothing if not a representation of a sea-change on attitudes on the use of marijuana. And, as a dispensary, we couldn't be gladder to be part of the revolution. Now, of course, we're still a medical dispensary so Amendment 64 is not available to the general public, but that's all the more reason to check out this one-of-a-kind strain that you'll only find at Helping Hands! 

Amendment 64 is a brilliant powerhouse strain. It is a phenotype of our potent, trippy and psychedelic giggleplex know as Sceptre, which is a proprietary cross of Bluedream x Rugburn OG x Hawaiian. And while it shares many characteristics of Sceptre let's just say it is like Sceptre took a serious boost of steroids and went to the gym.

Tighter nugs, deeper color, brighter nose, higher trichrome count, a deeper, more complex and more intense high that takes Amendment 64 to the top of our trip charts. It's one of those strains that, on one or two puffs, is a great experience - but when you smoke up a bunch you're in another realm altogether. Not to mention that by naming it after the Legal Weed Amendment we're setting the bar very very high. But we're comfortable with that, because Amendment 64 is a knock out strain - and you can get it exclusively at Helping Hands Herbals on Pearl St in Boulder Colorado.

Crystal Beauty

Crystal Beauty is an amazing new MMJ strain from Helping Hands. It has quickly become a staff favorite.

CB is a potent cross of Blue Dream x North Shore Widow, which is in itself a proprietary cross of our Hawaiian strains x White Widow.

This sativa-leaning love boat is a great daytime smoke that carries with it both the head and body high of Blue Dream and the clarity of our Hawaiians. 

Dark Side OG

Insomniacs rejoice. Dark Side OG Kush has sprouted from the Helping Hands Herbals grow to take you to a wonderful, mushy, yummy, psychedelic drums and space.

Dark Side is a super true, CBD-rich indica, born of Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif. It is ideal for folks dealing with chronic aches and pains, anxiety and insomnia. Before and while you drift off, you'll experience some nice pixelly, colorful visuals reminiscent of coming off a trip.

But wait, there's more.

We've taken Dark Side and crossed it with our infamous Ghost OG Moonshine which adds a layer of relaxation and calm while retaining clarity and awareness. So while you'll be super chill and pain-free, you'll still retain your senses and wits about you. No super stoney couch-lock here, but a gentle opiate-like chill that helps you rest your bones.

Diamond Socks

Diamond Socks is a potent new hybrid from the Helping Hands Herbals Marijuana Farm in Boulder, Colorado!

Socks is a wild blend of three strains, including a Silverback female crossed with our Ghost OG Moonshine crossed with Rugburn OG Kush. Any of these strains on their own are wonderful, and breeding them together yields excellent results.

Socks is definitely an indica-leaning hybrid that goes hard and fast to the head (especially the eyelids), cutting any anxiety, putting a grin on your face, and putting you into a thick stoney zone. In the body, Socks gives a real nice buzz that seems to migrate around the body. One minute your forearms will be tingly, the next it will be your calves - but you're never so zonked as to be couch-locked. 

We'd recommend Diamond Socks for a day off, a snow day by the fireplace, or in the evenings after a long or hard day. Enjoy!

Fat Nelson

Fat Nelson is one of our newest strains from our "Gupta Kush" line - already popular and potent strains we've crossed with our proprietary Sanjay Gupta Kush. We sell the seeds of many of these strains - and we sell Fat Nelson seeds!

This big fatty is a cross of our Sour Willie Nelson x Gupta and is a real shower, starting with Willie's Sour Diesel x Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese background. It's one of the "funner" and brighter strains we offer and is ideal for creative tasks and when you need to focus but be a bit on the fun side.

We then cross that with our high potency and super stable Gupta Kush and the results are a beautiful, high test super creative trip. It presents beautiful large fat buds with a very low leaf to calyx ratio. Very unique smell and taste dominated by the Sour Willie. Lighter smoke than many of the Kush crosses with the effect leaning more towards hybrid and sativa - but that doesn't mean it's not strong. : )

Golden Pineapple

One from the Gods! Discovered in the wild outdoors of Longmont!

This is what happens when the bastard child of Golden Goat mates with Pineapple Kush - you get a holy golden child that smells truly like ripe pineapples, and looks just like both parents!

Golden Goat is a wild and hairy sativa-leaning hybrid from Indiana - known as an excellent daytime strain popular among the Wake and Bake crowd who love it's ability to perk you up and keep your head clear.  Pineapple Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid of Master Kush and Pineapple, known for it's ability to alleviate stress and anxiety.

And when you cross the two? You get a well-behaved hybrid that is both calming to the body and mind but that also has a nice "pick me up" that will keep you off the couch. Not your therapist's couch. The couch you lay on when you smoke too much weed. 


Grape God

Grape God is an excellent hybrid new to our shelves and has quickly become a Boulder mmj favorite due to it's tasty flavor and potent high. 

GG is a cross of BC God Bud x Grapefruit (which we have in many of our phenotypes, including our Agent Grapefruit Diesel), and is known as a great remedy for cranky days, anxiety, irritability and PMS. With an up-beat, positive and relaxing high, God helps perk up your mood, cuts off our bad attitude and brings you to a great space for music, shows, events and social gatherings. You may be more inclined to enjoy the show from a lawn chair if you smoke too much, so take it easy - Grape God is a creeper, especially to the body.

GG has a different "look" as well, with an brightly colored buds that have an orange hue, coated in trichomes. It has a vibrant, citrusy smell and taste, with a high lasting up to 4 hours. 

Grape Jelly

We're stoked to have the delicious Grape Jelly strain stinking up our grow with its deep grapey punch-like aroma. Not to mention that the flavor even carries over to the smoking itself.

Yes, it's that pronounced: it smells and tastes just like grape jelly. Especially if you vaporize. So tasty. It's no suprise Grape Jelly won the Cannabis Cup in 2004!

Grape Jelly is a hard-hitting indica that does what all good indicas do, and it does it in spades: makes you feel relaxed, helps you unwind, eases your pain, and even helps you sleep if you need to grab some zzzs. Definitely a medical strain, great for taking a serious clip off any physical or mental grumpies. Enjoy!

Hawaiian Urkle

Hawaiian Urkle is an in-house, Indica-dominant hybrid cross of Hawaiian x Purple Urkle strains. 

It's known as a favorite of Helping Hands customers for relieving daytime pain, a smooth sweet taste, and helping you stay relaxed while being able to function and get things done.

Hibiscus Sunrise

ibiscus Sunrise is a dreamy cross of two of our nicest proprietary strains, Hawaiian Sunrise x Gupta Kush.

Firstly, Hawaiian Sunrise is a proprietary cross of Urkle x Urkle x Trainwreck and is known for giving the user a clear high with a heightened sense of clarity, color and awareness while still being relaxing to the mind and body. It has a beautiful citrusy aromas with heavy, almost tangerine flavor.

Sunrise is typically a low yielding plant so we've crossed it with our Gupta Kush which has not only greatly improved the yields and bud structure but made the high far more dynamic by introducing a distinct body buzz and more psychedelic high.

Picture smoking some reefer, doing yoga, swimming with whales and watching the sunset - all from your couch in Colorado. That's Hibiscus Sunrise.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a truly brilliant Indica.

Named after the famed mountain range that spans 500 miles from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Hindu Kush is considered by many to be one of the oldest cannabis strains in the world, and the first strain brought to Europe by Old World traders.

HK gives deeply relaxing body high while keeping the mental state creative and alert, even sociable (if you socialize on a sofa), and is ideal for those who suffer from phyisical injuries, aches and pains. After you're all relaxed, Hindu Kush will lull you to sleep and take the edge off any insomnia.

Hindu nugs are deep, dank, dense and covered in a forest of crystally trichomes.

Jack Sin

Jack's Sin is an original in-house cannabis strain by Helping Hands Herbals that crosses two powerhouse sativa dominant strains to produce a peppery aroma and an immediate head buzz. Works well for physical pain, but is still very psychoactive.

Sativa-dominant cross of Jack Herer x Amnesia Sin (Amnesia Haze x O.G. Sin, which is Fuma Con Diablos x OG Kush). Jack Herer is one of the most widely respected cannabis strains, known to knock out stress and pain in body and mind. Amnesia Haze is another potent sativa, known for  helping alleviate anxiety and depression.

Combine all that and you've got one of Helping Hands Herbal's top-selling strains. Deep forest of orange calyxes on top of stout, bright green little nuggets.

Kush Rise

Kush Rise - another fun proprietary cross from Helping Hands!

Kush Rise is a hybrid mix of our Hawaiian Sunrise strain crossed with the reliable Rugburn OG. We've got quite a few Rugburn crosses because it's a stable strain that plays very well with others and allows us to experiment without too many failed results (It happens!).

Our Hawaiian strains are known for their clear-headedness and even keel, so even if they have a sativa-lean to them, they're not racy or anxiety inducing. In fact, picture yourself sitting on a beach in Hawai'i and you'll get the idea. Relaxed, awake, colorful.

Rugburn is an extremely sour/fuely pungent strain that has a potent, uppity high.

And when you combine the Hawai'ian and the Rugburn you get an amazing synergy. Psychedelic, upbeat, but chill. 

Aloha. Go watch some whales or something.


Lavender Kush is a beautiful, potent, classic Indica strain derived from a magical blend of marijuana types from around the world, including Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani and Hawaiian. But what's important is how it makes you feel.

And it makes you feel great!

Lavender is a deeply relaxing strain that provides an excellent respite from anxiety, stress and insomnia. Now, it's a thick strain so don't expect to be able to go out and about into the world - Lavendar is more for times when you need to retreat. A few hits will bring you to a deep body and mind buzz, followed by a great nap or hard nights sleep. A few more hits and you're down for the count.

Lavender Kush also will put you out pretty quick, so you'll want to smoke right before nite nites. As one of our heaviest Indicas, we also find patients responding to it very well for chronic pain. Whether it's the high THC or higher CBD levels that gives the bliss, it is hard to say, but here's one thing we do know: we love Lavender Kush because it makes everything melt away.

Magic Jordan

AMAZING!  The super-psychedelic Indica! Named after two basketball greats mixed together (Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson).

Magic Jordan has an Incredible flavor and potent nose reminicent of our Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck with a much more pronounced high. In fact, just one hit may do the trick for most folks. Several hits and you're tripping.

Great for enjoying instrumental muic and nature. A thick, pronounced, pshychoactive high. A staff and customer favorite.

Misty Morning

Misty Morning is a dense, crystally hybrid strain with a broad background of genetics, including our beautiful Sugarcane Hawaiian, which is so packed with trichomes as to glisten like a chandelier - as does Misty Morning.

Misty is Sugarcane X (Ghost OG Moonshine X Rugburn OG Kush) and starts with the elevating, colorful, beautiful Hawaiian vibe of Sugarcane. Then we put it on a genetic upgrade regimen by introducing the more chilling indica notes of Ghost OG then the high THC impact of Rugburn OG.

The result is a beautiful, uplifting and clear strain that can chameleon based on where you are and what you need. But whether its up or down or straight ahead, Misty gives great visuals and imaginative stimulation while chilling out the body.

Mujica Suave

Jose Mujica Weed!

We've named this strain of cannabis "Mujica Suave" after Jose Mujica, the President of Uruguay who has not only legalized marijuana in his country but has also encouraged other countries to the same. Their state-controlled pot-industry is a world first, and we thought the least we could do to honor his efforts on pot is by giving him his own strain of weed - Mujica Suave!

Mujica is a stinky, pungent, fruity and fresh-fragranced cross of everyone's favorite FLO and our party combo strain known as Gogburn - Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG. There's a lot going on here, but the result is a super-sweet hybrid that looks unassuming but immediately hits your head and body in the most perfect way. Upbeat, body tingly, stress melting, happy - it could be described as a one-hit wonder. Visuals are colorful, grins non-negotiable. You'll be able to work and function until you realize you'd rather put your feet up and take it all in.

Mujica yields bright green pop-corny nugs - and the cure is perfect, resulting in a smooth smoke with a sweet taste. It doesn't look like the "dankest" weed on the surface, but do not underestimate the Suave! It's seriously strong! A perfect daytime medical strain!

Night Nurse

Night Nurse is a brilliant cross of Magic Jordan (our super-psychedic indica) x Gupta Kush.

MJ is a Hawaiian mystery bud of who's origins we are uncertain, but we do know that it's one of our budtenders' most coveted strains due to its incredibly kaleidoscopic high. It's intense, enlightening and just a few rips will lay you down for a nice trip. It's high CBG content is probably what's responsible for it's deep healing buzz.

And when we cross that with the deep, medicated body high of Gupta we get the best of both worlds. Head to toe high that transforms the mind and melts the body.

North Shore Kush

North Shore Kush is a stunning Hybrid>Indica strain, born from a cross of our North Shore Widow x Ghost OG Moonshine, and somehow it's energizing, trippy, relaxing, stony, zoney, and racy all at the same time.

NSK starts with our North Shore Widow, which is a cross of White Widow x our propretary and mighty dank Hawaiian. NSW is known for its deep, dense crystal pack and beautiful flowing high. Though a rare strain at the shop, it's one of our staff favorites.

Now, Ghost OG: an upbeat, relaxing and functional indica that's known as our "Grower's Favorite" and in fact, he says, "I've had some Ghost OG in my pocket every day for over 3 years. It's my go-to."

And crossing the two strains seems not to subsume characteristics of either but to amplify the effects of them all - and definitely sending the high right to your eyelids. Not that you'll feel tired at first, but you'll know that once you take a few puffs of North Shore Kush that your day is done and it is time to relax your bones.

The indica feel seems to be mostly in the head, while the body may still have some juice left in it, so if you're a functional stoner you'll be able to manage a few tasks (like writing a strain review) before hitting the sofa.

Pineapple Kush

Helping Hands Herbals loves pretending we're deep the tropics, from our logo to our strains, and Pineapple Kush keeps the tradition well alive - a strain that bakes your mind but smells like Pineapples! Aloha Mr. Hand.

Pineapple Kush is considered a hybrid but we put it into the Indica category so you know what you're getting - a deep, thick, moat of a high. 

PK is mentally sedating, creating that classic stoned feeling where you don't want to do much but watch a movie or take a nap. For the uninitiated, this will surely put you to sleep. If you're familar with our Blue Hawaiian strain, you can relate - it's got a similar profile.

But  don't worry - your body won't be ignored. PK will give you a nice, mild body buzz that will help you take it easy. Good for mild aches and crabby moods that don't want to be changed - just overwhelmed with a cloud of fruit-flavored THC. 

Purple Dream

From the cauldrons of industry and invention comes this unique new cross of Purple Kush x Blue Dream - two of the top selling strains at Helping Hands Herbals.

Purple Kush is a beautiful, dreamy, sedating indica that's been ranked one of the world's 10 best - and for good reason. This strain will gives you a warm, fuzzy body buzz that's not unlike an opiate high. Waves of yum roll up and down, from head to toe, and you'll find that you've never quite enjoyed staring at the ceiling so much.  One of the best traits of PK is that your mind will remain clear - relaxed but not cloudy, which means you can have a few moments with a book before drifting off to sleep. And you will definitely drift off to sleep. PK is like a happy, healthy, hippie version of Ambien.

Blue Dream is a potent, well-rounded strain that balances it's strong buzz between your body and mind, creating a great, relaxed, upbeat fun high that mellows and trips your lid at the same time.

And when you cross these two strains, you get something deep and powerful that hits you from head to toe, creating a full-body/wide-mind experience that's hard to find without, say, mixing muscle relaxants and a Laser Floyd show at the Planetarium. Definitely check it out. You'll be glad, high, mushy and grateful all at once.. : )

Rebel God Smoke

Rebel God Smoke is an intense strain, born of a cross of everyone's favorite Cinderella 99 x Rare Dankness' Rugburn OG!

Also known as Cinderella 99, this is a fast-hitting strain that's great for anxiety, stress and depression. It helps harness and migrate your mood to the positive side of life while sparking energy and creativity.

Cindy is a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid known for its tight, frosty buds and citrus-like flavor. It's fast-hitting, great for anxiety, stress and depression. It has been known as the strain of choice for patients who need to be able to remain functional and inspired while medicated.

But when you take Cindy and cross it with Rugburn, it's like you pumped Cindy full of steroids and morphine and the resulting strain is extremely strong and gives an equally cerebral and corporal high. Your body will buzz and feel warm, pain free and funny, your mind will see colors and run off into a very creative, wild stream of consciousness. This writer found himself in bed just laughing and saying "wow, holy shit, this is a really strong strain."

Nugs are tight and dense, with a hashy-piney scent.

Rock Lock

Rock Lock is a sweet Indica-leaning hybrid cross of Warlock x Rock Star marijuana strains, known for it's curiously upbeat indica buzz that seems to vascillate between making you stoned and/or kinda awake and functional. No couch-lock here.

Rock Lock probably gets its get up and go traits from the Warlock half of the genetic equation, which is known to be relaxing but mentally stimulating and giving a sense of euphoria, wellbeing and creativity.

The "Rock Star" half of the family is in itself a cross of Rock Bud and Sensi Star, generating an indica-dominant hybrid that is also known for its potentcy without causing malaise or lethargy. It's used as a remedy favorite medicine for aches, headaches, stress and insomnia.

Marry the two together, and you get a nearly perfect medical marijuana strain that clearly exhibits the traits of both parents - relaxed but cognizant, mellow but functional, chill but not cloudy.

Especially for those who need to be creative and productive yet have a hard time concentrating in a world of anxiety, even just a small amount of Rock Lock will help even the emotional and physical playing field enough to allow you to Rock out your days.

Sanjay Gupta Kush

The world famous Sanjay Gupta Kush! Gupta Kush is pure medicine from a hybrid of our proprietary Hawaiian genetics crossed with a potent Indica and is generally indicated for pain, anxiety, low appetite and those in need of both physical and mental rest and recovery without heavy doses of pharmaceuticals. SGK gives the user a euphoric state that helps relax the mind with one or two hits, while more hits can induce a heavy indica, beautiful stoned feeling. Thoughts may be pleasant and creative, but generally of a calm and kind nature, and then you'll drift off for a nap or a good nights sleep. For the body, Gupta Kush is a great pain and tension reliever, causing warm waves of relaxation to move through the limbs and leaving behind an almost opiate-like feeling that allows the user to get some deep conscious rest and healing before bed. SGK has a thick, subtle, sweet taste with notes of sandalwood and flowers, and has a potency of up to 20% THC. It is grown here in Boulder, Colorado, organically and in the soil, ensuring it is fresh, healthy, clean and with a delicious "Farm to Table" taste.  : )


Sceptre is potent cross of Blue Dream x RugBurn OG and shows both it's indica and sativa sides in full glory, but with an added punch you might not expect. But, then again, it IS named Scepter, which is is a symbolic ornamental rod or wand borne in the hand by a ruling monarch as an item of royal or imperial insignia. So, with that said, it will royally kick your ass.

It will make your head high with endless imaginations and vivid thoughts colored by psychedelic visuals (in higher doses), while your body will melt like butter into the nearest cushy surface. Good for watching Pink Floyd the Wall or Avatar in 3-D.

Not a "beginner" strain.

Secret Garden

Our Secret Garden strain is a beautiful and extremely potent indica that's recommended for those dealing with insomnia, anxiety, pain, nausea and recovering from illness or injury, but who also may not wish to suffer from a "couch lock" associated with similarly indicated strains.

Secret Garden is a cross of the deep indica Lavendar strain which is one of our most thick, drippy and sleepy indica, and we've crossed it with our Kush Bomb which increases potency and adds a greater and more well rounded high profile that makes Secret Garden not only excellent for bodily issues but also allows the mind to get some good lovin' too without making you feel overly stupified or unable to think straight.

Sour Willie Nelson

A Helping Hands Herbals tribute to America's folk and country legend, Mr. Willie Nelson.

Our "Sour Willie" is a strong Sativa cross of Sour Diesel x Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese, and is known for it's euphoric, upbeat and fun high.

The flavor is smooth, highly sour and citrusy, and the high is known to be a favorite of musicians and creatives who need an uplifting, functional and positive experience.

On the medical front, Sour Willie has been indicated for depression, glaucoma, migraines, inflammation, pain, and nausea.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a tasty and top-shelf hybrid cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. But don't take our word for it: it's won the Cannabis cup two times.

The fragrance is lemony and bright with a citrus taste to boot! The effects are definitely "sativa" - energizing, upbeat and creative, but heavy enough to knock out some stress and anxiety. That being said, we'd keep this strain for outdoor, social and active events like shows and doing fun stuff - not for just trying to mellow out.

Good for increasing appetite.

Sweet Bubblegum Kush

Sweet Bubblegum Kush is a delicious hybrid strain with a monster, creative high from Helping Hands Herbals. The flavor is sweet and candy-like but still with a pronounced "indica" flavor. If you're a connoisseur of marijuana taste and flavor, throw some SBGK in a vaporizer and prepare to be amazed.

SBGK is a favorite of smokers worldwide, and is known as a great alternative to White Widow if you can't get it. BubbleGum Kush gives a long, psychedelic high, especially if you smoke a bunch.

The color is a bright "limey" green, with a nice and dense trichome count and a light, sweet bouquet. 

Tangerine Haze

Helping Hands Herbals' Tangerine Haze is a brilliant sativa-leaning hybrid strain out of the Netherlands with an uncanny smell and taste of, well, you guessed it, tangerine! One whiff and puff and you'll know what we mean. It's actually, seriously delicious, with heavy citrus notes! A grow room full of Tangerine Haze smells like a Spanish city in bloom.

Tang is a New York City Diesel x G13 Haze cross, approximately 60% Sativa/40% Indica.

Tang is a true Haze that helps the user find a nice state of mental chill and body buzz that's just strong enough to up your game without hurting your ability to function. In fact, Tang will definitely perk-up and a hike or show or creative pursiut like writing or painting. In fact, it's known as one of the most popular marijuana strains in Colorado, and don't be surprised if you get a whiff of tangerine on the slopes this winter!

You'll definitely be able to function and deal with your day, so we tag this one as a "day-time sativa." C'mon down to Helping Hands MMJ in Boulder and brighten up your day the Tangerine Haze way. : )

Tangerine Sunrise

Ranked one of the Top Ten Best Colorado Marijuana Strains of 2014 by William Breathes of Westword Magazine!

Tang is a delicious and nutritious cross of Colorado-born Tangerine Haze x Hawaiian, and the results are excellent.

Pop open the jar and you'll be rewarded with a bright citrus scent that it unmistakeably tangerine. The nugs are long and slender and have a deep coating of crystals which contrast beautifully with the forest green color of the bud. You always know you're looking at Tangerine Sunrise. 

High-wise, TS is a great daytime strain, and those who have tried it always come back for more. Upbeat, clear-headed, fun, energizing. Not to mention tasty, with citrus notes all the way through. A unique strain - and a must-try!

To quote the review, "Tangerine Sunrise. The name says it all. Taking hits of this Tangerine Haze x Hawaiian cross was like sipping fresh-squeezed tangerine juice on the patio of an oceanfront getaway far, far away from the landlocked confines of Colorado. The buds were long and spear-like, with a dark, almost red appearance from the rusty pistils over the tan trichomes. Broken up, the light Haze muskiness came through, even if it wasn't very present in the flavor when smoked -- just pure orange peel. Like most anything this orange-scented that I've tried, this was another super sativa bomb. A house-cleaning, task accomplishing, hunger-inducing medicine packed into one convenient (and tasty) nugget. Its well worth the trip from Denver to Boulder."


Thunderstruck is a high-CBD cannabis strain (ACDC x ACDC) with a 12:1 CBD:THC ratio that provides a significant dose of CBDs yet keeps psychoactivity, while present, to a minimum. So if you want the benefits of CBD-rich marijuana but with a minimal "high" then Thunderstruck is for you.

Research shows that High CBD (cannabidiol) strains greatly reduce certain types of seizures as well as helping reduce anxiety and inflammation. They're now being used as remedies for a  wide variety of conditions like arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, PTSD, and schizophrenia.    

ACDC is a strain originally from California and has the same healing capabilities as Charlotte's Web, the strain that's become famous for helping children with epilepsy as reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN.

+21 Only. Valid ID required to view or purchase all products..
+21 Only. Valid ID required to view or purchase all products..

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Yes! Tipping is greatly appreciated but not at all required

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No problem! While we aren't allowed to ship products, we have an amazing partner company to recommend that creates CBD products from Colorado grown hemp. Enter #HelpingHands for 10% off their website! Check out their products at ihprefinery.com

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What seeds do you have in stock at your stores today?

Check our Daily Seed Menu which will show you what seeds are available at our stores. Feel free to visit our Bud Depot Recreational store in Lyons, too. Inventory may vary from store to store so be sure to visit them both! The Seed Bank at Helping Hands Herbals http://helpinghandsdispensary.test/buy-colorado-marijuana-seeds [email protected]

How do you germinate your seeds?

Many folks recommend soaking the seeds first. We don't. We simply plant them about a fingernail deep into moistened seed starter or light soil medium. We then keep them in a humidity dome for the first few days and make sure to keep the moisture even with a misting sprayer. One general guideline is keep them at 80 degrees and 80% humidity until emergence. Most seeds planted in harmony with the moon will crack within 2-4 days, with out-of-phase plantings taking 5-10 days. We remove the dome once all have cracked. This is all done under 4-light 216 att, T5 fluorescent fixtures with a distance of about 1' to the soil.

I'm a new grower. Are you able to provide help to get me started?

There's so many ways to grow, and every grower has his own secret methods. But all of us started at the beginning by learning from a friend or checking our some amazingly helpful resources. We're able to answer some general/quick questions but for the nuts and bolts on how to grow we have to steer you to recommended books from our favorite authors such as Jorge Cervantes and Greg Green. But to get you started, here's a bit about our germination technique.

What kind of ID do I need to bring to shop at your Rec Store?

Just like shopping at a liquor store, you'll need a valid photo ID that's undamaged and not expired. You'll need to be 21 or over. It can be a drivers license from any state, a state or military ID, Native American ID or foreign passport. We examine them very thoroughly, and if it's fake we're obligated by law to confiscate it and turn it over to the police. In fact, we reward our staff with $50 for every fake or mis-used (impersonating someone) ID they confiscate, and boy do they love the extra $50. Don't even try.

Do you have more seed strains available that are not on your website?

What you see on our website is our current seed offering. But there are always new strains coming available, so check back frequently. Be sure to check our Daily Seed Menu to see what strains are available at all of our stores!

Do you sell auto-flowering seeds?

For the highest quality craft cannabis grown in a carefully controlled commercial environment, we don't use auto-flowering plants. So, no, we do not use or sell auto-flowering plants/seeds.

What THC content should I expect from your seeds?

While the THC levels in strains are from at least average to very high, we breed for the most potent overall experience, not just simply the THC level singled out of a larger context. Focusing solely on THC-levels is an incomplete indicator of the potency of a strain. More is not necessarily better because the effect of a strain on the user depends on a large variety of factors including the full cannabinoid profile, methods of cure, etc, not to mention method of intake. You might get higher on a 15% strain than a 25%er depending on the full spectrum. That being said, if you're focused on high THC strains, yes, of course, we have high THC strains. Ultimate THC percentages will depend on your grow methods, experience and skill.

+21 Only. Valid ID required to view or purchase all products..

The State of Colorado has specific guidelines that determine the validity of an ID and
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A valid Identification ​must​ include:

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+21 Only. Valid ID required to view or purchase all products..
This dispensary is amazing! I haven't been treated better by any other store since moving to Colorado 5 years ago. The strains are high quality flower and they have a great deal on the Keef Cola. I can honestly say the customer service is the BEST and I am willing to drive an hour one way to visit this dispensary! Luis was amazing! He is friendly and knowledgeable, just someone you know you can trust! He is the reason for this 100% satisfied customer and because of Luis I will keep returning.
by Angie Green on March 6, 2019
Wanted to say how absolutely impressed I was with this place for a variety of reasons- particularly with the staff. Luis was extraordinarily friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He makes you feel right at home, and will answer any number of questions you may have about their products (I had many, sorry Luis...), no matter how tedious it may seem. Another thing that impressed me was the business culture here- they stock high quality products, and seriously stand behind them. On a side note, the location is great as well- right in the middle of town. Once you've done your shopping, take a walk around Boulder, grab coffee or lunch, and enjoy the atmosphere. The parking in front of the shop does require you to pay, but it's super cheap ($1.25 gets you several hours), convenient, and gives you plenty of time to explore. Overall, this is a great place for first timers to connoisseurs. The staff is unbeatable, products are great, prices are fair, and location tops it all off. You won't be disappointed.
by Nick on November 21, 2018
Was so pleased with my experience! Louis was so friendly and explained everything in detail. We were welcomed with open arms!
by Molly Dennehy on December 26, 2018
My first time to a dispensary was beyond perfect because of the staff here at Helping Hands Herbals! Raymond was ESPECIALLY knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate about educating my friend and I and making sure we got exactly what we wanted but also exactly what we needed. Everyone we spoke to knew what they were doing and enjoyed doing it. I'm visiting from Atlanta and a very good friend of mine who has lived here in Colorado met up with my friend and I while we were shopping and talking with Raymond and when we left the store the first thing out of his mouth was how we had picked a great spot for our first time because he has been to a few less than amicable locations and dealt with some people who seemed to care more about getting you out of the shop than actually helping you to find exactly what you need while providing excellent customer service. Thank you, Helping Hands Herbals for making my first time as amazing as I had hoped it would be, and another special thanks to Raymond for going above and beyond and for just being an awesome guy in general. Good vibes and happy days to you all 😊. - Snow
by Christian Snow on October 29, 2018
(medical review, not recreational) I love everything and everyone at helping hands dispensary! They really take the time to get to know you, what your... full review
by Robert K. on November 28, 2017
The Medical dispensary is now carrying The Stanley Brothers CBD oils! Everyone is always helpful in pointing you to the right direction and they have more... full review
by S L. on May 3, 2018
+21 Only. Valid ID required to view or purchase all products..


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